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Art Supply

Something For  Everyone 

 From gardening to teaching to social media promotion, the possibilities are endless. *wink*

Outdoor Upkeep

Nature Calls!

But not in the way you're thinking of—we have indoor bathrooms. Instead we would love some extra hands to help with our 15,000 sq ft. outdoor space. Along with traditional park maintenance, there are opportunities for gardening, carpentry, and more! 

Summer Camp 2.jpg

Community Outreach

Since you're already

on your phone...

Why not come and spend even more time on your phone and help spread the word of our events and the park? Plus, we're looking for creatives to run our TikTok account. Join us and let's break the internet together <3 




How are you with kids?

Kids are great. Great, little balls of energy whose creativity hasn't been fully suppressed by the world. Sorry, too deep? Anyways, kids benefit from having positive influences in their lives, and we're looking for great students like you to provide guidance in our classes and workshops!


The Ix Art Park never sleeps--but we can't do it alone! We are a community arts space that is built by and for our community. Want to paint? Want to build a stage? Want to help at events? Grab a friend and sign up today to lend a hand and leave your mark on the art park. For more information on volunteering with us, please email


become an Intern

Are you a student that loves art, teaching, or just wants to get involved with the community? Because we want YOU. YES, YOU. For more information on our internship opportunities, please send a cover letter and resume to


join our
Art Park

Looking to be a permanent part of Ix Art Park? Join our team of Art Park Rangers. Not only are our rangers decorated in exclusive Ix uniform, they are also on the inside of every event. They are the true builders that make Ix Art Park possible. If you're looking to leave a true mark within the park, we need your hands to build, paint, and be on sight. Exclusive perks are also given to our army of rangers.


Interested? Email for more information. 

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